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ENERGY At Its Best! 

Generate and store your own power. Start saving today using clean, eco-friendly energy.

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Why Should You Switch?

Sunset on Solar Panels

Sustainable & Renewable Energy

Solar energy is a great sustainable and renewable resource for your home or business because it is free, abundant, and is guaranteed to last for upwards of twenty-five years.

Safe & Reliable.
Take Control of Your Power Production

Solar and battery backup is a great option for becoming more in control of your power. With battery backup and solar you are able to go fully off grid for days at a time if necessary.

Sun Haze

Great Savings & Return on Investment

Though solar has some upfront costs, once installed it will pay for itself in less than ten years after installation. After the return period you will start to save much more money than you would relying on the grid for your power.

How Solar Energy Works


Solar power is a great way to reduce energy costs and help the environment. Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity which can be used to power various appliances and often an entire home. Solar panels are connected to an inverter, which converts the panel's DC into AC, which can be used by standard home appliances. Solar panels are usually installed on the roof of a home, but if ground space is available, ground mounts are also an option. Solar energy can be used to power appliances directly, or can be connected to a battery bank to be used at optimal times for more savings. 

Battery backup systems are another great option to ensure your home or business stays powered during an outage, along with solar. These battery systems can be connected to solar panels to store excess energy produced during the day, and then used when there is no sunlight to harness or peak power rates set in. Battery backup systems are also beneficial for those unable to install solar panels, as they can store energy from the grid and be used in an outage or during peak power rates. This allows for a more reliable source of power during outages, and can even be used to lower energy bills by using stored energy during peak times. 


Our Services

We make going solar easy, so you’ll get a better energy service at a better price.


Residential solar is an increasingly popular way to reduce electricity bills and help the environment. Solar panels can be easily installed in an open area of land or the roof of a home. Residential solar is an excellent way to reduce energy costs and help the environment, making it an ideal choice for many homeowners. 


Commercial solar is also becoming increasingly popular, allowing businesses to reduce energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and increase their future sustainability. Commercial solar installations are typically larger than residential systems, but they offer the same benefits as residential solar and often offer a greater return on investment. 

Maintenance & Support

Both residential and commercial solar systems require some maintenance over their lifetime to keep them running correctly and efficiently. For those who don't have the time or knowledge to maintain their own systems, we offer any solar maintenance or support you would need!

What Our Happy Clients Say...

Very personable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Willing to go out of their way to help! A+++++
Gerome Sayles
Blue Skies
I had Rustic Resource install a 20 solar panel system. Very happy with the equipment, and installation. And I was very happy to use a local installer rather than the national companies that advertise on the internet.
Chuck Tomasello
I purchased all the equipment to build my 20KW solar array from Rustic Resource. My equipment came quickly for a great price! The staff is very knowledgeable, caring and had the sense of urgency I needed to help me get my project completed quickly and creating solar energy.
Jason Chase

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