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The sun can do so much more now that high tech has met low price. The technology for making hot water uses "Evacuated Tube Collectors".
With the federal government offering 30% tax credit with "NO LIMIT" for residential and business; as part of the Latest Energy Bill.

For example, these collectors can make 130F hot water on a
70% cloud cover day with outdoor temps @14F! No reason to burn wood in the summer for domestic hot water. If you have a low temp radiant heating system, anytime the sun shines you can utilize solar for domestic "and" space heating. These systems only require 120F water.
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 Our systems can utilize all outdoor units to work with solar. For a hybrid Solar/Wood hydronic system.




 Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are among the most efficient, cost-effective and affordable solar collectors available on the market today for your solar powered home and business heating systems. Our collectors feature proprietary coatings, design and assembly processes that allow us to deliver industry leading performance and efficiency at a fraction of the cost as the competition.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors operate on the basic principle of using the light from the sun to heat liquids. Our solar energy powered hot water tubes then store the water in a solar hot water tank just like your current hot water heater. The image below shows the process that takes place within an Evuacated Tube as it is heating water.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collector for Solar Hot Water Heaters

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are a modern breakthrough that have helped to fuel the Second Generation Solar Hot Water Heating boom around the globe, and the United States. Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors, unlike their Flat Plate Collector cousins, feature cylindrical shaped solar collectors (a series of these tubes are connected together to form a collector).

There are many advantages of Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors. First, they are far more efficient than Flat Plate Solar Collectors in cold, cloudy, northern climates. Because of their 360 degree and tubular design, they are able to capture light at many more angles. Because a Flat Plate is flat, it requires the sun to be pretty much directly overhead to operate properly. Evacuated Tubes, however, can collect sunlight earlier and later in the day, when the sun is at lower angles, and becuase there is far more collector (aperture) area, the efficiency of the collector is dramatically increased in lower light conditions.


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Solar Thermal Equipment  2012 Call for best pricing


Complete SPP-30 System*        


Complete AP-30 System*         

Complete AP-20 System*           
Complete AP-10 System *          


SPP-FR-30-HIGH [SPP Angled Frame (29 to 60 degree)-SPP30]

FR-30 HIGH (High Angle Frame-AP-30)      
FR-30 MID (Mid Angle Frame-AP-30)         
FR-30 LOW (Low Angle Frame-AP-30)       
FR-20 HIGH (High Angle Frame-AP-20)     
FR-20 MID (Mid Angle Frame-AP-20)        
FR-20 LOW (Low Angle Frame-AP-20)      
Hd-25 W/Diverting Valve Pkg (25 Fin Heat Dissipater w/ Divert. Valve)                                                                                  
HD-25 (25 Fin Heat Dissipater)                                           
Caleffi Diverting Valve for HD-25                                      
 Caleffi Transformer                                                             
Selco CA170 Thermal Switch                                               
Steca TR0301U (Steca Temp. Differential Controller)       
Caleffi Flow Meter w/ Flow Adjustment                            

Caleffi Single Pumpstation Return Only                          


Caleffi iSolar Plus Delta T Controller (4 sensor,V-Bus connection)     

Caleffi iSolar 3 Differential Temp. (2- sens,V-Bus)Controller                   

Standard Components Package**                                    
Pumpstation Components Package***                            
*Complete System includes:  Manifold, Evacuated Tubes and Heat Pipes, Standard Frame, Tube Clips & Rubber Caps.**Standard Components Package includes:  Isolation Flange Set (1), Check Valve (1), Pressure Relief Valve (1), Pressure Gauge (1), Boiler Tee Drain (1), Expansion Tank (1), Mixing Valve (1), Auto Air Vent (1), Charging Valves (2).***Pumpstation Components Package includes:  Pressure Relief Valve (1), Boiler Tee Drain (1), Expansion Tank (1), Mixing Valve (1), Auto Air Vent (1). 

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